About us

We are the future of Italian pans, with 30 years of past and experience behind us.

We are an italian company, specialized in manufacturing and marketing kitchenware products entirely Made in Italy. The company was founded in 2013 thank to the desire of Eugenio Montini to capitalize the long experience had in many years of managerial work in this field. In only a few years (Mopita opened on 1st April 2013) the desire has been satisfied with results exceeding expectations.

Our activities include research, development, design, manufacturing and sale of kitchen tools under our brand Mopita. After conceiving the product in its functionality and design, we entrust its realization to high-qualified companies and give them custody of our molds. We buy raw materials from selected Italian and international suppliers, materials that are necessary to manufacture every single item signed by Mopita; we also take care of the packaging, of other decorative elements and of the communication/public relationships. We work as a big company, but with the advantage to be smaller, more flexible and cheaper.


Realizing pots with an original design, long lasting and of quality needs not only technical and logistic, but also artistic professionalism. Good esthetic Italian taste, creative and functional intuitions, attention to details and selection of raw materials are crucial elements to satisfy our customers. We are aware of having the great opportunity, and so the responsibility, to get into kitchens all over the world and we do it with high-quality products, which don’t contaminate and alter food. Our aim is to offer cookware products that are esthetically excellent and efficient to all cooking lovers. Moreover, we never omit the importance of environmental sustainability that we pursue with determination.

Nowadays a healthy company is not only limited to economic data, but it also considers the environmental impact. This is why we are careful about manufacturing utensils that optimize energy use and respect the environment. Attention to raw materials quality - that follows the most demanding European certifications – and sales of products at affordable prices are some of our strong points. Our goal is to create a brand able to make beauty accessible to everyone.

Cooking is a tradition and an old art for Italians. Mopita offers you the tools; the taste is up to you!



1. Offering a wide range of products of good quality at affordable prices.
2. Planning, developing and manufacturing cookware for the preparation and cooking of food, with an original design using high-quality raw materials that don’t contaminate and alter food.
3. Realizing products respecting the environment and using technologies that optimize energy use.
4. Promoting the know-how of Mopita in the world. Know-how that has been developed in 30 years of experience in this field.
5. Support the appreciation of Italian industry and handicraft, since it led Made in Italy to excel in commercial competition.